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     This site was created in loving memory, tribute, inspiration and rememberance  across the conventional concepts of time and space known on the physical plane as the spirit named in this lifetime as Richard.  
      You touched literally hundreds of us as a teacher and hypnotherapist,  facilitating desired change though just one part of your legacy -- through both your creation of Holographic Hypnosis and through your Futureshaping Technology.  Those, including international clientele, you guided and trained in your particular specific multiple award-winning type of hypnosis, moved on better for the time and the experience with you.  Your creative talents facilitated positive growth in others both as a teacher and through inspiration in responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants.  You gave formal trainings in the techniques of communication excellence, telephone skills and peak performance to businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Using the Holographic Hypnosis and Futureshaping Technology you developed, you trained hundreds of future hypnotherapists for the Guild and IACT.  Your system of hypnosis is able to be duplicated by anyone and with those you have worked with who have gone on to influence positively others who influenced others and so on in an ever widening circle.  
     Prior to your involvement professionally with hypnosis and NLP (neurolinguistic programming), you were an accomplished artist using oils/a creator using wood and metal plates.  You wrote poetry and several novels as well as books for children and turned your creative vent as you grew toward fulfillment to technical books on communication skills including telephone skills and then Holographic Hypnosis .  Your novels were a acknowledged  tribute for your ability to bring together several seemingly unrelated plots masterfully into one story.  Your skill as a writer was especially formally recognized when you won a fellowship to the Creative School of Writing at Columbia University and your creative talents were formally recognized when you were accepted at Westbeth in New York City as a young man, one of 300 to live there of the 5,000 applicants.  
     You walked your talk and talked your walk, true to your self!
     Born in Brooklyn, NY, USA on 18 September, 1946, raised in New Jersey, living as an adult mainly in upstate NY and for a time in California, New York City and elsewhere, Richard's soul departed his physical being finally during this incarnation on 12 August, 2003 at his home and sanctuary in Woodstock, NY.

Since Richard loved to watch movies, it is fitting he epitomizes to this site's sponsor the scene from the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie"  with Jack Lemmon (Touchtone Pictures)
As they are leaving Morrie's graveside, Mitch reflects:
"Have you ever had a special teacher, one who taught you things you may not understand but he never gives up, knowing that some lessons takes a lifetime to learn?"
That was Richard and still is as those who met and knew him continue to learn from life's "lessons" he helped us to negotiate.

The story behind photograph number two in his photo album on this memorial site is now posted under the legacy section of this site.  It was posted so Richard's message to me of proof of survival of the soul/energy or whatever one terms it will be known to all who visit here.  The photo lets all of us know how close our loved ones who are no longer in a body are to us.


Richard, you were much, much more and greater than the sum of all the component parts (hypnotherapist and true leader in the field, artist, writer of technical material on communication, hypnosis, novels, childrens books and poetry, Dad, healer, teacher, etc.) of your lifetime here amongst us.  In addition to master teacher, you were a true and cherished special friend to those of us who wished to interact with you on a personal basis.

You  remain in our thoughts and prayers forever!


A special prayer:

If you are not viewing three column as you scroll down, the site design is cutting off the one on the right as it does most of mine. 
Please scroll to the right and scroll down.  Among other items there you will see a place to light a candle(s) for Richard.  It takes less than five minutes.  Compared to what he gave to us, what little bit is that?  So, please at least light a candle for him and to at least light the way for the rest of us. 
Sharing your memories will also be appreciated if you can find it in your heart.
Thank you.  
From the sponsor of this site.


Richard loved to help people and I am hoping the visitors to the sites about him will help you appreciate how great his gift and how much his love.  There was a change in his demeanor and voice when he would shift into this role, which he did automatically after so many clients almost without notice. 


More about Richard Zarro and his legacy can be found upon entering here when you click on the "Friendship" and "Hypnosis" sections after you click on "enter the site here" and come to the icon page with multiple articles behind each topic/icon at this web site:

** both this site and the addres-sing-life are still under construction**

(there are lots of photos, more tributes and a link to the site -- currently in the very early stages of construction which is up specifically to celebrate his creative side......)

Tributes and Condolences
"Being on a roll and how to stay that way"   / Peak Preformance (---)
BEING "ON A ROLL" AND HOW TO STAY THAT WAY © Richard A. Zarro We have all experienced "it" at some time during our lives. That feeling of magic, good luck or an uncanny sense of well being. It may have lasted moments, hours, ...  Continue >>
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His legacy

All hypnosis is communication.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool to aid you in achieving your personal goals.

Holographic Hypnosis™ is client based and you, the seeker, are in complete control.

All change is self directed.

There is no one who cannot be hypnotized.  There are only facilitators (the hypnotherapist) who lacks the necessary skills.

Courtesy of Richard Zarro, "the Spirit Behind the Mask.

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